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We are partners in many well-known industries, including transportation, energy, oil and gas, heavy industry, chemical and marine, as well as sugar, food and beverage, and HVAC and refrigeration technology fields.

Our products include compact fin heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, single tube heat exchangers, transformer cooling systems, cooling towers, and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Our years of experience and in-depth professional knowledge make us an expert in this field. Our heat exchangers are specially designed to meet the needs of corresponding machines or equipment systems, which enables our customers to stand out from the competition and reduce operating costs in the long run. As your heat exchange partner, we understand that excellent and reliable after-sales service is essential to you, and support you throughout the life cycle of your plant and equipment to ensure lasting cooperation!

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1. What heat exchanger do you have?

The Thrust bearing oil cooler, Shell and tube heat exchanger, Bearing oil cooler, Plate type heat exchanger, Air cooled heat exchanger, Air compressor cooler.

2. How to choose the right heat exchanger?

There are many ways to choose heat exchangers, for example, classification according to the principle of heat transfer, or classified by structure. Of course, it is best to contact our professionals.

There are no style restrictions for heat exchangers in wind power, chemical, hydropower, and other industries, which means that any style of heat exchanger can be used.

We have been serving the power industry for many years, and it has served many foreign projects, such as Al A han in Indonesia. Srebok in Vietnam. Ruud barr in Iran. Murum in Malaysia. There are more domestic projects, such as Changdian Liaoning, Dayingjiang Yunnan, Xiangshui Jiangsu, Angu Sichuan, Jiangbian, Jianke, Deshan, Hunan, etc. Jiaerda Machinery can customize the heat exchanger according to your drawings, or you can choose the right one from our conventional products.

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Wind Power



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Compared with the above three industries, the marine and hydraulic industries are more suitable for tubular and plate heat exchangers.

Many ship customers get to know us and order products through participating in the exhibition, whether it is a super large cargo ship, escort team or small/private yachts all need heat exchangers. The hydraulic industry mainly uses plate heat exchangers. Due to the small space of hydraulic machinery but high cooling requirements, Jiaerda Machinery can provide you with the right heat exchanger.

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Ocean going ships

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The construction industry and the metallurgical industry have high requirements for air. Jiaerda's technical department has specially developed an air cooler, which is highly professional and effective. You can click on the picture to find some cases to familiarize yourself with the product. Believe that you can find any heat exchanger you need in Jiaerda.

Construction use heat exchanger JIAERDA

Construction Machinery